Sunday, November 23, 2008

Getting a Hash Name (Sunday, 10/26)

Sunday started about like Saturday: breakfast and allot of water, followed by going back to sleep. I woke up at around noon to join the hasher’s pool party going on behind the hotel. So there I am, peacefully eating lunch and drinking my beer, when I get called into the hash circle. Fuck! I already know what is about to happen. They call me in, start telling the story about me impersonating a Canadian on Friday night, and then decide to name me based on that. After some liberal discussion and long and intentionally drawn out deliberation (the whole while sitting in ice water), they ultimately decide on “Mount-Hee”… not so bad until you find out that Hee is Thai for cunt. Wonderful, so now I am permanently named Mount-Cunt. Fuckers. Naturally, more drinking, singing, and general debauchery ensue until the beer runs out at around 5pm.

I find out that there is another hash going on in Chiang Mai on Monday, and that one of the hashers has offered to drive people up there. Sweet! A bunch of people jump in the back of the truck, and we drive a couple blocks to a really cheap guest house. Naturally, more drinking, singing, and general debauchery ensue (noticing a pattern?). I was so out of it most of the day that I never pulled out my camera, so no pictures… sorry.

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